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Cover & Vinyl VG

Released:    1982
Genre:    Rock, Non-Music
Style:    Alternative Rock, Comedy, Classic Rock
A1        An Introduction
A2        Annie
A3        Firing Line
A4        Cocaine
A5        Jane Fonda Speaks Out
A6        Firing Line 2
A7        Sushi Riot
A8        Godspeak Suite:
A8b        Porkbucket Place
A8c        Born Again Bob
A8d        Godspeak
A8e        My Bod Is For God
B1        South Bronx Is Burning
B2        Byz Talk
B3        Abe Shenckle's Rock Show
B4        Sidewinders
B5        Byz Talk 2
B6        A Walk In The Park
B7        Best Friends
B8        Mr. Reagan's Neighborhood
B9        Apocalypso Now!

National Lampoon ‎– Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, And The End Of The World (Comedy)

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