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Cover (writing on coer) VG  Vinyl G+

*Double LP

A1    Voice Of Change    2:51
A2    A Rectangle Picture    2:19
A3    You Finally Found Your Love    4:20
A4    Sweet Lady Love    3:50
A5    Stewball    3:30
B1    Two Hangmen    4:58
B2    Buffalo    2:00
B3    Walk On Down The Road    2:54
B4    It's All Right    2:30
B5    Till The Sun's Gone    3:23
B6    Johnny's Tune    1:15
C1    Michael Dodge    2:58
C2    Hard Luck Woman    2:55
C3    Children    2:47
C4    Hokey Joe Pony    2:23
C5    Flying Arrow    3:32
C6    Old Joe Clark    4:00
D1    Good Friend Of Mary's    2:45
D2    He Loves Them    3:32
D3    Melinda    3:52
D4    Let Me Know Where Your'e Going    2:32
D5    Everybody Was Wrong    5:20

Mason Proffit ‎– Come & Gone

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